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By Tony Collard

United we stand in 2021


As our society is increasingly connected, it's clear there is more opportunity for cyber criminals to exploit weak spots. 2021 will see us work together to protect ourselves. Cyber professionals will progress from offering reactive advice to shaping business functions and inputting into business strategy. Cyber will not standalone as purely a technical consideration!

Regulation for the many, not the few.

Forthcoming operational resilience regulations will task firms to take a holistic approach to cyber risk. They must consider and protect all stakeholders in their network, regardless of whether there is a commercial interest to do so.

Education is the best form of protection.

Threat intelligence will play a key role in 2021. Timely insight will help companies act fast when they need to and educate employees on the dangers and their roles in safeguarding against them.

From back office to the board room.

Companies that have a financially successful 2021 will prioritise increasing revenue with a proactive approach to cyber risk. Winning customers is as important as protecting their data to avoid regulator fines and the ensuing reputational damage. Cyber risk professionals will find their voice in the boardroom to highlight and help plan for every danger, freeing up company leaders to set their agenda and not lose time and sleep worrying about avoidable problems.

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