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By Tony Collard

"My business is too small to need to worry about Cyber Risk"


Sound familiar? How many times have we heard this statement from small and medium business (SMB) business owners? Yet this couldn’t be further from the truth.

According to insurers Hiscox a small UK business is hacked every 19 seconds and there are approximately 65,000 attempts to hack SMBs in the UK every day of which around 4,500 are successful.

The reality is that SMBs are a target for cyber criminals and unfortunately a lack of preparation is leaving them vulnerable to damaging cyber-attacks as that threat landscape continues to increase.

With this in mind here are our tips for all SMBs to consider:

Cyber Risk is everyone’s job & goes beyond IT

A fundamental point is that cyber is actually a business risk and not just an IT risk.

Therefore, at the management level there should be regular cyber items that are actively discussed in meetings on a regular basis. Cyber risks should be discussed frequently and the endorsement of such initiatives is paramount to a successful cyber programme. Within such programmes a method for monitoring, quantifying and remediating cyber-risks is required to enable clear cyber communication across the business. Excellent reporting and communication can be established with relatively inexpensive tools such as Black Kite

Train your staff

With an increase in working from home, employees are using work-issued devices which means that their online security behaviours at home can impact how they operate in the work environment. Hence considerable effort in the workplace is required to educate and raise awareness on cyber. This can be addressed with cyber awareness and training programmes provided by experts such as The Security Company.

The focus here is on developing a culture where all are aware of their cyber responsibilities.

Partner with flexible Solutions Providers

Having worked on establishing a ‘cyber aware culture’ a key consideration for any SMB is to then work and partner with the right cyber solution provider to support them in the way that they might work with any other business partner. Solution providers are able to deliver real world advice at value for money prices and this is where we here at Ethos Cyber come in.

We support our SMB clients with:

  • A flexible approach.
  • Value for money.
  • Relevant solutions.

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