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Markel Corporation implement Cyber Risk Score Platform

Markel Corporation (NYSE - MKL) is a holding company for insurance, reinsurance, and investment operations around the world.

Stephanie Dannan, Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) Risk Analyst and James Mackay, Deputy CISO at Markel Corporation explain why they chose Black Kite's Cyber Risk Score Platform to manage their cybersecurity risk: 

Stephanie Dannan – TPRM Risk Analyst, Markel Corporation said:
“Every time I log into NormShield it seems like they’ve added a different feature from ticketing to different reports. They’ve incorporated FAIR now, which I think is fantastic.”

“I can utilise NormShield and scan a company and know a company’s Cybersecurity posture without having to step foot in that company’s door.”

“NormShield has given me the ability to translate cybersecurity risk into terms that the Markel Business Partners will understand”

James Mackay – Deputy CISO, Markel Corporation: 
“The reason we ended up working with NormShield is because they were very clear, very succinct, and put across exactly what their tool did in around 2 minutes and the ‘aha’ moment was everyone in that room went I could see how I could utilise this.

“We could use it potentially in incident response, we could use it in third-party risk, we could even potentially use it in cyber underwriting.”


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